Climate Crisis - Greenhouse Effect


First, an abstract for the impatient:

The often heard claim of "climate science" that the earth would have a mean temperature of -18°C without "natural greenhouse effect" is a proof that these people obviously misinterpret reality!

If there would be something verifiable at this model calculation, which just claims, without a so-called natural greenhouse effect the earth average temperature would be only at -18°C, there should not be measurable ground temperatures up to approx. +80°C in deserts near the equator. And for this you don't need a greenhouse effect, it is enough to reduce the solar constant 1368 W/m² by the albedo of about 30% and to roughly estimate the possible maximum temperature with the Stefan-Boltzmann formula, which calculated then results in about +87°C.

The observation of the reality proves clearly that the rotating irradiation semicircle of the sun in the zenith draws a daily repeating heat trace over the earth, which causes that the heat reservoir earth at the surface charges up to those temperatures, which are directly measurable. Especially the oceans, whose water temperatures remain de facto identical day and night depending on the latitude, prove this. No point on earth follows a theoretical temperature profile, which can be determined as the result of a Stefan-Boltzmann calculation, based on a 24 hour period of the respective local radiation power.

Therefore all considerations, which e.g. lead to the assumption, the irradiation amounts exclusive Albedo in the average 239 W/m² and lead to the assumption, the average temperature would be -18°C, are absurdities of special class. If one takes this into account, this leads to which consequence?


Triggered by the discussion about the third airport runway for Vienna Schwechat Airport at the beginning of 2017, I started a personal analysis of what this much-discussed CO2 is really about. The result is the content of this document which is here available as dokument ClimateCrisis-GreenhouseEffect.pdf .

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