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This page contains web search links, online translators, an award worksheet and railroad oriented links, the next page will provide links for: astronomy, web technics, miscellaneous and home pages of friends

google Google - the well known search engine


LEO - the best online translator German - English - German I know !

colossus Colossus - a serach engines overview

Panoramic landscape images
Car racing images
Photo galleries from different lines and locos
Biking, skiing
Bird watcher pages
Tarock game rules
Short stories
Link pages
Author, copyright, disclaimer, awards, privacy, ...
Start page
Deutsche Siteversion
website awards Website Awards information source

Railroad - Railway oriented links:

bahnsuche Bahnsuche (German)

eisenbahn webkatalog Eisenbahn Webkatalog (German)

Club 1889 The Club 1889 is renovating
historic Rhaetian carriages
Erlebnisbahn - Austrian Directory "by Ronny"

zug.de railhoo Railhoo - German

rail serve Rail Serve - a US railroad web directory

train net Train Net - a US site containing a lot of rail specific information. They also issue the Web Gem Award which was bestowed to the ebepe rail world in April 2002. Many grateful thanks! Web Gem Award - symbol image - click to see received awards!

trainweb Train Web - a
US railroad web directory
NMRA NMRA National Model
Railroad Association

Rail links RAIL links
railroad directory

500 visitors dayly Railroad Data.com

rail watch Rail Watch - again a US railroad web directory

ol' hook n' eye The ol' hook & eye site, home of the smokin' award,
a really great site ...

rail photo Excellent Rail Photo and link list site of Martyn Fordham i Rail UK railway directory

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